AgencyCon : Indian Agency Awards and Summit

A tribute to the #AgencyLife and these unsung heroes, Indian Agency Awards will apprise the outstanding contribution from Advertising/Creative, Digital, Integrated and Performance Agencies

Indian Agency Awards is not just about that one Hero Campaign of the year but the hard work, dedication, and toil that goes behind building brands, driving performance and achieving set objectives through the year. It’s about celebrating the #UntoldStories of the Story Tellers, Planners, Directors, Analysts, and Individuals who run the show. It’s about your Agency’s core strength and competence.

With the AgencyCon Summit, we intend to take the first step towards facilitating a shared knowledge platform for Agency Leaders and Professionals to learn, unlearn and relearn the dynamics of Agency Trade

  • AgencyCon Agenda

  • A Tribute to Alyque Padamsee
  • 30 Year Challenge (The Past, Present and Future of Agencies in India)
  • The Agency Conundrum: Stay Independent or Join a Network
  • Scaling and Nurturing creativity in Digital agencies
  • Shaping the Agency of the Future: How to build a thriving culture that fosters Growth, Hiring and Retention
  • INR 3500
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Speakers at AgencyCon